Resilient People.png

Resilient People.

Humans are more resilient than what we give ourselves credit for, yet many people around the world grow up in environments designed to hinder developing resilience. Without resilience, we can’t thrive. And when we can’t thrive, we lose hope. Developing on I have, I am, and I can factors, The Stoplight Approach is committed to providing tools to help build resilience, whether you’re 4 years old or 97.

Responsive Communities.png

Responsive Communities.

Whether you live in the suburbs, the ghetto, the country, or the city, we all live in a community, and community is what shapes us. If that community is unhealthy, we become unhealthy. The Stoplight Approach is driven to increase emotional and psychological health of communities (with a special interest in schools and homes) to create proactive and responsive communities that not only build resilient people, but solve problems and create solutions that help the community to thrive.

Transformed World.png

A Transformed World.

If people are what make up a community, then communities are what make and shape the world. If the people inside those communities are resilient, and those communities are proactive and responsive, then we can make the world a safer place for people to live, learn, and thrive. Imagine a world where all children felt safe, loved, and valued. Imagine a world where you didn’t feel you needed to walk on eggshells every time you entered your workplace. Imagine a world where you didn’t fear to fail, but where you failed to fear. That’s a world we think is worth fighting for. How about you?