Read it Yourself.

Become a Pro. Manage Your Students' & Children's behaviour well.

While our videos only contain snapshots of The Stoplight Approach, our books contain the most fundamental knowledge and details that give you the most comprehensive look and understanding of our philosophy. Reading this will undoubtedly give you the knowledge to help decrease behavioural issues, increase academic performance, and create safe environments for your students and children.




Share it with Others.

Start a Small Group. Engage in conversations.

One of the most difficult aspects of life is changing your own behaviour. Why do it alone? Working through our books in a group that can encourage one another and keep each other accountable is the most effective method of ensuring the success of The Stoplight Approach's philosophy in your own life. Measure progress together and share your stories. See behavioural change not only in your own life, but in the lives of your friends and peers. 

The Stoplight Approach for Teachers eBook

Every classroom needs to be a “Green” classroom: one that provides safety, value, and an academic environment to each student in our classes.

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The Stoplight Approach for Parents eBook

Being a Stoplight parent is not the same as allowing your child to do whatever they want, but it is training in the context of relationship, and relationship always trumps behaviour.

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Speak the Language.

Teach your students & family Stoplight lingo.

Want your students and children to also understand The Stoplight Philosophy? We have you covered. Our 2-part curriculum, each including 5 distinct lessons, will teach them Stoplight concepts and Stoplight language. Involving your whole class and family will only increase your effectiveness in behaviour management - and help your kids protect themselves!

The Stoplight Approach for Kids - Book 1 eBook

Five Fun and Interactive Lessons Connecting Emotions, Colours, and the Brain. Teaching children the basics of The Stoplight Approach.

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The Stoplight Approach for Kids - Book 2 eBook

Five Fun and Interactive Lessons on Child Protection. Practical implications on safety in the real world, using The Stoplight Approach as a basis. Recommended prior reading: The Stoplight Approach for Kids - Book 1.

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Summaries & Songs.

A brief introduction to the best information. And it's free.

If you're in a rush and don't have time to read a full book - or want to know how to explain The Stoplight Approach to others! - we give you the DL on all the introductory information in nice, easy to understand brochures. We even have a fun song about Stoplight for kids to enjoy!

Teacher Brochure - Stoplight Basics

A summary of The Stoplight Approach and how it intersects with teachers and their students.

Parent Brochure - Stoplight Basics

A summary of The Stoplight Approach and how it intersects with parents and their children.

Roots & Shoots of Misbehaviour

Quick tips on the best behaviour management tools.

The Stoplight Song Sheet Music

A simple jingle that's sure to get any age group dancing. This song summarizes all three brain states in a fun, catchy tune.