We all have dreams of success for ourselves, our children, and those we love. But how can we get there?

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Money and education - and by association, opportunity - may seem like the obvious answers. But we think there’s a better one:

Relationships & Emotional Intelligence.

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What is the Stoplight Approach?

The Stoplight Approach is movement and philosophy that simplifies brain science and puts it into terms that people of all ages, from 3 to 103, can understand and use to communicate their emotions. Our goal is to give people a simple, common language so we can identify and manage our emotions, as well as meaningfully connect with others. These are vital skills that build our emotional intelligence, which is the foundation of healthy relationships, and the key to success.

Study upon study tells us that emotional intelligence is the greatest predictor of success, over upbringing, IQ, or anything else. When we empathize and connect with others, when we teach children how to be emotionally healthy, we make the world around us a better, kinder place. Our world faces many challenges, but together we have the opportunity to make a positive impact when we have the language to connect, the tools to care, and the power to share this with others.


Our Philosophy

The Stoplight is not a program, but a philosophy - and our philosophy is that emotional intelligence is the pathway to any successful life. We take a holistic approach, considering the emotional, psychological, and physiological aspects of humanity and present a simple framework for navigating through any and all relationships we encounter throughout our lives. How simple? Why don’t you find out!


What We Do

The Stoplight Approach provides books, videos, seminars, and workshops to give individuals and communities the skills and tools they need to increase emotional literacy, build healthier relationships and create a more caring world.






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Join the Movement

Thousands of people have been impacted by The Stoplight Approach. And the numbers keep rising. But we need your help to continue to grow! There are still millions of families around the world whose lives can be changed by Stoplight. So help us spread the word! Donate today and help us create a kinder tomorrow.


Stoplight Seminars

Our Founder, Cherilyn Orr will be touring Canada in August and September to host several live workshops on The Stoplight Approach! Join us for one of our End-of-Summer Seminars in Langley, BC or Ancaster, ON! Click the button below for more details.

The Stoplight Approach not only provides practical strategies for teachers but, more importantly, it changes the way teachers interact with students, resulting in real change, better learning environments, and improved potential for learning.
— Dr. Corina Brown, Psychologist
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Before learning about The Stoplight Approach, I was instilling fear in the kids I taught. They used to think of me as a devil. Through Stoplight, I realized I had to build connections with my kids. Since then, I have seen their performance in my class improve dramatically.
— Stella Nakayega, Primary School Teacher
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The Stoplight Approach is a much needed resource which enables parents to self-reflect, apply concepts, and parent more effectively. I’ve found it be be valuable resource for small groups, workshops, and personal use.
— Andrea Foster, ECE, BTh, MEd, Mom of four, two of whom have developmental disabilities