About Canada

The following statistics obtained in the 2016 census data:

  • Only 20.4% of lone mothers aged 25 to 64 in 2016 had a bachelor's degree

  • 31.5% of refugees who became permanent residents in Canada upgraded their educational credentials after arriving in the country

  • In 2016, 89.1% of Aboriginal people overall aged 25 to 64 did not have a bachelor's degree compared to 46.0% of the overall population of Canada aged 25 to 64 who do not have a bachelors degree

  • The census counted 1.67 million Indigenous people in Canada in 2016, accounting for 4.9 per cent of the total population

  • The census counted 1,212,075 new immigrants who permanently settled in Canada between 2011 and 2016, 3.5 per cent of the total population last year

Many of the Stoplight volunteers have come from Canada and their have been continued training within Canada since it began. There are various avenues Stoplight will continue to take to impact Canadians. Having only started speaking at seminars and giving consultations in January of 2017, Stoplight is in the process of  reaching and many populations including: 

  • Canadian pastors, teachers and parents

  • Humanitarian volunteers

  • Indigenous communities

  • People with disabilities and trauma

Narcism is on the rise in our culture and empathy is dropping significantly. Studies show the importance of emotional intelligence yet our culture still focuses on intellectual intelligence. Our goal is to provide Canadians a structure of how to relate well with each other, develop empathy and develop emotional and self awareness. 

This is being done through seminars and a movement style spreading of information. As trainers learn the information they are able to continue the spread. 

Basic Country Info

Population: 35,151,728

Size: 9,984,670 sq km

National Language: English & French

Age of Citizens:

  • 0-14 Years: 15.4%

  • 15-65 Years: 66.0%

  • 65 Years and Older: 18.6%

Our Goals

  • To prioritize empathy and emotional intelligence in Canadian schools, homes and churches

  • To continue utilizing the passion and skills of Stoplight volunteers within Canada

  • To provide tools to refugee, Aboriginal, and displaced families tools to emotionally survive trauma and difficult situations

  • To provide children and students tools to increase their resilience and relate well with others

Our Impact (Since 2017)

  • Trainings at # seminars

  • Trainings at # NGOs and churches

  • Reached # primary and secondary students

  • Reached # adults

Current Projects

Stay tuned! Stoplight is continues to grow and develop within Canada. Many teachers, parents and pastors have passion for the approach and implementing it in their lives, institutions and communities.