What Makes Us Different?

Most child sponsorship programs change the life one child. Imagine if you could change an entire community? With sponsorship programs, they provide a child with the finances to receive food, clothing, shelter, and school - all necessities that children need. But what kind of school are they going to? What kind of community are they growing up in?

Sponsorship doesn't change those issues. The Stoplight Approach does.

By looking at systemic issues, rather than those on the surface, Stoplight helps to create a paradigm shifts in the lives of entire schools and communities to help create safe schools, safe homes, safe communities, and resilient children.



Your donation allows us to take Stoplight around the world, where we connect with local leaders and develop local teams to bring Stoplight to their communities and country. This allows for a more sustainable approach to creating systemic change.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about The Stoplight Approach, how it has changed your life and how it can change others. There's no better way to convince people than through personal stories.


The gift that keeps on giving!

A $20 Donation can put a Stoplight Approach book into the hands of a parent or teacher in Uganda. As a gift, we’ll send you a free PDF copy of the Stoplight parenting book. Watch the video on the right learn more.

How to give a book: click on the donate button below. Indicate your gift intentions in the comment box on the donation page.