The Stoplight Approach Fundraising Project: 500 Books!

Raising Voices states that in Uganda: “Despite the many teachers who repeated the “official policy” that they do not beat children, 60.4 percent of in-school children reported routinely being beaten and humiliated” (2013, p 19).

The tools provided through the Stoplight Approach will help replace corporal punishment with productive discipline strategies. Punishments like caning, shaming, and time-outs can be replaced with preventative measures and classroom management skills. In order for the Stoplight Approach to spread across Uganda, we need to be able to produce physical copies of our book.

Do you want to be a part of a movement that empowers teachers? Would you like to put tools for change in the hands of local school leaders? With your donation, the Stoplight Approach will be able to make this a reality.

A common salary for a Ugandan Primary teacher is approximately $120 CAD per month. Charging the cost of printing the book - $12, would be approximately 10% of a teacher's monthly salary. Living on such a low salary does not give teachers the liberty to purchase this valuable resource. With your help, the Stoplight Approach will be able to provide teachers and others who play a role in educating children with the Stoplight Approach Book.

As our gift to you, we will personally email you a copy of "The Stoplight Approach" E-Book (PDF Document) when you make any donation greater than $12. 

Our goal, is to raise $6000 by April 15th, to make our dream of printing 500 books a reality. Please consider partnering with us today!

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