Cherilyn has given her life to working with hurting children. She has lived and worked with children in Africa, Europe, and North America. She has a special interest in the research and implementation of attachment theory practices and brain science, as it applies to behaviour. As a consultant, Cherilyn trains teachers and parents/caregivers to build resiliency in children. As an adjunct Professor at Vanguard College in Canada, she teaches on working with Children at Risk. Cherilyn lives in Uganda, Africa, with her husband Mark and their seven children, four of whom joined their family through local adoption in Canada.



Having been there from our humble beginnings, Ryland has helped to train many local teachers. As an interim project manager at various times, and having helped to piece together our first training handbook, he continues to be a valuable asset, both when present on-field and when consulting from afar. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology, majoring in Intercultural Studies, Ryland has developed a passion for training and influencing the influencers of the world, especially as it pertains to the educational system. Currently, he is living in Canada, but desires to be an on-field trainer around the globe.



Working with children for most of her life in various cultures, Taylore has a outstanding ability to relate with children and teach them in understandable ways. Having a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies, her ability to contextualize lessons and interact with children in Uganda has been invaluable. As the core developer of our Stoplight Curriculum for Children, she has succeeded at testing it, teaching it to students, and training teachers in schools across the country. With a passion to see change occur beyond school walls, Taylore seeks opportunities that allow the Stoplight Approach to extend its boarders.



Katherine, or better known as Kat, is probably best known for her contagious laugh. Moreover, her background in psychology, her love of building relationships, and her drive to create positive change in cultures around the world make her an effective and cherished member of the team. Our influence is greatly enhanced by her ability to communicate ideas both in person and on paper. Whether on-field or in Canada, she continues to provide valuable insight in our research and studies, to ensure the Stoplight Approach is effective for teachers and parents alike.



With an Elementary Education Degree, Lauren joined the Stoplight team with the purpose of consulting on how to make the Stoplight Approach most effective in schools. From writing reports to editing resources, Lauren brings valuable assets to the team on an administrative level.  Lauren continues to consult with the team from Canada while studying Social Justice and International Development at a Graduate level. Her heart for justice for children has her committed to the amazing possibilities the Stoplight Approach brings to children-at-risk around the world.



Olivia, a Ugandan mother of 4 and the wife to Peter, is the CEO of Amani Domestics, an organization devoted to protecting the rights and safety of houseworkers in Uganda. Olivia has a passion for positive change in her country. Being Ugandan, she understands the local culture and gives the team vital perspective on what will be effective and what will not. Using her ability to create connections, Olivia is the reason behind the Stoplight Approach's every prospective relationship. She helps direct and organize meetings to gain the team the best access to local schools, leaders, and teachers.