About Greece

The following statistics obtained between 2009 and 2017 by the European Commission and the UNHCR:

  • 56% of Roma (gypsy) children ages 6-15 are not enrolled in school
  • 83% of Roma adults ages 16 and above have not completed primary school studies 
  • 63,9203 refugee children arrived to Greece in 2016; 5,192 of those children were unaccompanied by adults
  • Over 6,000 refugees landed in Greece since January 2017

Stoplight is still in its early stages of development in Greece, but the interest and implementation of this Approach has been overwhelming.  Having only started speaking at seminars and giving consultations in January of 2017, Stoplight has already reached and made connections with many populations including: 

  • Iranian, Afghan, and Syrian refugees 
  • International missionaries and humanitarian volunteers 
  • Greek pastors and parents
  • Roma children 

Since arriving in Greece, we’ve held multiple parenting seminars, in-depth trainings and consultations, as well as visited many different organizations that provide activities and support for refugees and families in crisis.  Our connections here have been very receptive, and they have already seen changes in their day-to-day lives and work due to our teachings.  The enthusiasm is contagious.  

As it is very different to Uganda, Greece has been very beneficial to the Stoplight team as well as those receiving the teaching.  Being in a new country has giving us new ideas as to how to contextualize our materials and training events to relate to all cultures.  Having people from a variety of backgrounds come together to understand and acknowledge the importance of Stoplight, and the relevance it has to all cultures is a testament to our work and how this movement is changing the way children are being raised in our world.

Basic Country Info

Population: 10,955,000

Size: 131,940 sq km

National Language: Greek

Age of Citizens:

  • 0-14 Years: 14.4%
  • 15-65 Years: 66.6%
  • 65 Years and Older: 19.0%

Our Goals

  • To create a Stoplight Global Base
  • To provide tools to refugee, Roma, and displaced families tools to emotionally survive trauma and difficult situations
  • To lower violence and corporal punishment in schools and homes
  • To give children and students tools to protect themselves against sexual abuse
  • To give teachers and parents tools to create physically and emotionally safe environments for their children and students

Our Impact (Since 2017)

  • Trainings at 3 refugee centres
  • Trainings at 3 NGOs and churches
  • Reached over 100 primary and secondary students
  • Reached over 130 adults

Current Projects

Stay tuned! Stoplight had its first impressions made in Greece, early on in 2017. Welcomed by many, we are heading back soon and are planning on starting long-term projects with the goal of producing systemic change in the lives of refugees.