Stoplight Workshop - Langley, BC, Canada

Come join teachers, parents, and volunteers alike in learning practical tools on how to handle the most challenging behaviours from the one who developed The Stoplight Approach herself. In just 2 sessions spanning only 7 hours, you'll gain a deeper understanding of why the students/children in your care act the way they do and revolutionize the way you think about the brain and how you handle misbehaviour.


Cherilyn Orr, ECE, BRE, MA


SESSION #1: Friday, January 12th (6-9pm)

SESSION #2: Saturday, January 13th (9am-1pm)

workshop cost (includes 2 tea/coffee breaks)

$10 per session, paid at the door.

No registration.

workbook cost:

The Stoplight Approach for Teachers/Leaders: $20

The Stoplight Approach for Parents: $15


SouthRidge Fellowship Church // 22756 48 Ave, Langley Twp, BC V2Z 2T6



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