Our Story

The initial thoughts of The Stoplight Approach began when the Founder, Cherilyn Orr, was at her wits end. Troubled by the misbehaviours of some of her adopted children, she sought the advice of trusted, well researched friends who gave her the idea of using the colours of a traffic light (a stoplight) to describe their behaviour and needs. From there, Cherilyn spent thousands of hours researching and practicing different tools and ideas from top scientists and researchers known around the world on child development and behaviour management.

When Cherilyn moved to Kampala, Uganda with her family, she was asked to teach a 1-hour parent seminar at an international school. Sitting in that seminar was a local mother of three, who approached Cherilyn and told her The Stoplight Approach needs to be taken to every school across the country. (Teachers deal with behavioural issues, too!)

That's when The Stoplight Approach began to form as an organization (though not a legal entity at this point). Visiting various schools within the country with international interns and local teachers and parents, hundreds of teachers were influenced and challenged, who have seen dramatic improvements in not only their relationships with their students, but also in their academics and their behaviours.

Knowing The Stoplight Approach is based in science and is therefore not grounded in any one particular culture, Cherilyn desired to take The Stoplight Approach worldwide. Having introduced The Stoplight Approach now in Greece, working in the refugee world, it's becoming a global movement, a story that you can be a part of...

Just Like You

We've lived the horrors of children acting out. We understand the pain of gaining control of classrooms. We realized traditional methods (such as basic behaviour modification) weren't working.

So we’ve researched the best tools and created a philosophy that is holistic to the entirety of a person’s emotional health, not just their behaviour. Our Stoplight philosophy coincides with leading scientific research on how the brain develops and functions, and how children develop emotionally, and how emotional intelligence is the greatest factor of leading a successful life.

And we're inviting you to join the community around the world that's adopting The Stoplight Approach into their daily lives and seeing results.