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Cherilyn Orr


Cherilyn Orr is a teaching professor at Vanguard College in Canada and has worked with families and educators in Canada, Uganda, Greece and England to help build safe schools, safe homes, safe communities and resilient children.  The Stoplight Approach that she developed is based on the latest research in brain science as well as her years of experience as a teacher (early childhood, primary, special needs), as a mom to 7 children through birth and adoption and as a foster mom.  Her practical, simple, hands-on approach to understanding the emotional health and relational needs of children has helped hundreds of parents, carers, and teachers build strong, healthy relationships with their children and their students.

Anne Jones


As a pediatric nurse, Anne has always had a heart for hurting children. She has collaborated with Cherilyn since 2004 helping to create and edit resources for those who work with children, particularly children at risk. Anne grew up in Zambia and has lived in Kenya, Canada and the US as well. She, and her husband Craig, have three children and are also foster parents in Baltimore county, where they have lived since 2009.

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Annabel Bowerman

Vice President

Annabel is a passionate advocate for the program's potential to transform the lives of children, families and communities across the globe. She has been involved in education and student welfare for decades, working as a teacher, teacher trainer, school counsellor, Director of Student Support Services, and latterly as Head of School of Heritage International School in Kampala, Uganda. Annabel comes from the UK and was educated in England, France, Belgium and Italy. She trained initially as a graduate nurse following a Batchelor's degree from London University in Social Sciences and Administration. She also has a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Management from Bath University in the UK. Annabel is a mother of four grown-up children, and wife to Kim for over 37 years.

Olivia Ekayu

Uganda Executive Director

Olivia, a Ugandan mother of 4 and the wife to Peter, is the CEO of Amani Domestics, an organization devoted to protecting the rights and safety of houseworkers in Uganda. Olivia has a passion for positive change in her country. Being Ugandan, she understands the local culture and gives the team vital perspective on what will be effective and what won't be. Using her ability to create connections, Olivia is the reason behind the Stoplight Approach's every prospective relationship in Uganda. Helping to direct and organize meetings and trainings, Olivia provides oversight to the local Stoplight team in Uganda as the Executive Director.

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Ashley Chesser, Ryland Frank & Hannah Stoesz

Marketing & Communication

This trio is a powerhouse for brainstorming and executing Stoplight’s marketing and communication strategy. All three having lived in non-western countries gives them on-field experience to understand the need for marketing in various contexts - and the need for Stoplight globally. All three volunteer their skills in their spare time.

Ashley (bottom right) is currently completing her Graduate Studies in Marketing at…

Ryland (middle left) is currently working for an online media company and website builder as Customer Success at Nucleus.

Hannah (top right) is currently completing her undergraduate studies in Business at McMaster University.

Lynn Owens

Graphic Designer

Lynn has been working with Cherilyn Orr, illustrating and laying out books and other curriculum materials, since 2003. She has worked from nine countries during that time: Greece, the U.S., Italy, China, Canada, England, Russia, and Brazil as she travels with her family. Her husband, Jim, is a college Professor who teaches seminars overseas. Making books for children has been her lifelong dream. She has an Art degree from Asbury University.

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