Our Mission

To initiate and support transformational change in schools, homes, and communities; to create safe places for children that lead to optimal development.

Our Vision

Safe schools. Safe homes. Safe communities. Resilient children.

Our Values

COLLABORATIVE: Networking and partnership between leaders in schools, homes, and communities.

PARTICIPATORY: The involvement of everyone in the process of learning - both leaders and children.

INCLUSIVE: A society that respects the diversity of each child.

The Seven Sectors

Many people think that a school is just a school, with only students and teachers. We think bigger. We realize that there are at least 7 major sectors that create a school. The Stoplight Approach aims to influence all seven of these access points, as well as create collaboration between them all.

  1. STUDENTS: Those who sit in classes for 5 days a week, trying their best to learn as much as possible.
  2. PARENTS: Those responsible to raise the students out of love and respect, teaching them proper social behaviours and encouraging them to excel in everything they can.
  3. TEACHERS: Those responsible to teach the students out of love and respect, teaching them according to what is included in the syllabus and curriculum, and encouraging them to excel in everything they can.
  4. ADMINISTRATION: Those responsible (including the Head of School) to handle school admissions, finances, and support for the teachers.
  5. SUPPORT STAFF: Those responsible for cleaning and maintaining the school property. As well as those who assist teachers, provide medical care and work/volunteer in various capacities in and around the school. 
  6. CURRICULUM DEVELOPERS: Those responsible for developing curriculum that meets high standards and instils problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  7. TEACHER TRAINING CENTRES/COLLEGES: Those responsible for training teachers the best methods to teach students, including classroom management tools to replace corporal punishment.

In creating a community of collaboration and synergy within and between each sector, the Stoplight Approach will not only be effective, but will become an integral part of the local culture that will spread to the rest of the nation.