About Uganda

The following study obtained between 2011 and 2012 by the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Windsor Consult LTD reveals chilling statistics:

  • 81% of children ages 10-18 years depicted numerous forms of violence they have experienced at school
  • 68% of children indicate teachers were the main perpetrators of violence
  • Some 77.7% of primary and 82% of secondary students reporting having experienced some form of sexual abuse; and 5.9% were subjected to defilement [rape]
  • 67% of students sampled reported to have been sexually abused by a male teacher
  • 74.3% of children interviewed report having been caned by an adult at school
  • Emotional abuse by teachers and bullying by peers is a persistent problem
  • Of the children in the sample who experienced sexual abuse at school, only 40% of girls and 39% of boys reported it
  • Children fear being victimized by perpetrators: When reporting to senior staff, pupils are called to meet directly with the perpetrator, indicating poor skills in handling cases
  • Many children feel unsafe at school, citing concerns with insecure toilets, fire safety, and poor infrastructure

Basic Country Info

Population: 40,323,000

Size: 241,550 sq km

National Language: English

Age of Citizens:

  • 0-14 Years: 48.1%
  • 15-65 Years: 49.4%
  • 65 Years and Older: 2.5%

Our Goals

  • To lower violence and corporal punishment in schools and homes
  • To give children and students tools to protect themselves against sexual abuse
  • To give teachers and parents tools to create physically and emotionally safe environments for their children and students

Our Impact (Since 2015)

  • Trainings at 14 schools
  • Trainings at 5 NGO's and local businesses
  • Reached over 1,200 primary students
  • Reached over 200 secondary students
  • Reached over 800 adults

Their Stories




Current Projects

A Fully, local Stoplight School

At the start of 2017 (the beginning of the Ugandan school year), Elite Christian Academy opened its doors in Mbale for primary-aged students. It operates with Stoplight philosophies guiding its every principle and is a sought after location for parents to send their children. We're looking forward to hearing stories about their transformation in the near future.


Teacher Holiday Program

Each year, the Ugandan school calendar has three significant breaks for students to go home and for teachers to prep for the next segment of the school year. During these times, our local leader, Olivia, has created a three-week training program (one week per school holiday) to train teachers about The Stoplight Approach, and to ensure they are well equipped to return to school with behaviour management tools that set everyone up for success.

Our Local Leader

Meet Olivia, our Executive Director of The Stoplight Approach in Uganda. Olivia is the real reason anything happens in Uganda that's Stoplight related. With her ability to manage a team of Stoplight trainers, start and run a Stoplight primary school, and operate her own business, Amani Domestics, her entrepreneurship shines brightly and her coordinating abilities are why Stoplight continues to Thrive. Olivia is married to Peter and is the mother of three.