We’ve created over a dozen books, pamphlets and resources to help you fine-tune your classroom management skills and parenting tactics. With in-depth teaching on each topic, and plenty of examples and details, each resource is designed to help you implement Stoplight in your personal surroundings. Our knowledge in your hands is the most powerful tool.



One of the best ways to dive into the Stoplight Approach is through live trainings and seminars. Live interaction with our trainers is the perfect crash course to Stoplight or opportunity to become an expert. And the best news? We host trainings around the world! Illustrations, activities, interaction, integration, and the answers to ALL of your questions are just a few amazing features of our live trainings.


We’re developing a library of Stoplight training videos that share the basic tenants of Stoplight and answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get about the Stoplight Approach! In addition, these videos share the best of our research, tips, and strategies in quick segments so you can learn on the go.